Are you stuggling with fear? Wondering how to manage through this pandemic? You're not alone! It's unlike anything we've ever experienced! 


Join me for a one-hour webinar to get practical tools and tips to help you:

  • Calm your fear and anxiety
  • Navigate clear of depression
  • Choose faith over fear
  • Have a Q&A with Debbie

Don't worry, your partiipation is completely confidential!


Click the link below to go to paypal. 

Be sure to enter your email address so I can send you the zoom link.

I can't wait to spend time with you and help you navigate...even thrive through this crazy time!


Webinar: If This Is My New Normal, What's Next?

  • Because I'm offering this at such a discount there is no return or refund. Don't worry, I know you'll be more than satisfied!

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