Peanut Butter Eggs and Purpose

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Easter! A day unlike any other.

What excites you about Easter?

When my kids were little, I’d dress ‘em up and hop over to Laurel Park Mall in Livonia, MI. They’d crawl up on EB’s lap and I’d snap a picture. Or, for Nate’s second Easter, we actually got this beauty of him with a real bunny. Oh how I loved the adorable Easter outfits and the days when my kids were little! And lets not forget the oh-so-delicious once-a-year Reece's eggs (why are they so much tastier than the regular peanut butter cups? I don’t even like the cups; but these? To die for!) And what’s Easter without an Easter basket and a big ole’ chocolate bunny… so fun!

The warmer temps send kids outside to find Easter eggs, and the warmer days indicate that it’s time to switch out the fake drab winter décor of whites and browns to fresh brightly colored tulips, hyacinth, poppies, and lilies, celebrating new life, hope and purpose.

But in the last decade, I’ve come to love Easter for so much more than all that commercialism!

Jesus knew, when he came, that His purpose was to die for you and me. He did that so we could be set free from all of our imperfections and the trials of this life.

Overwhelming, right?

Easter is not just about the bunnies, eggs and cute little outfits.

It’s about celebrating how Christ died for you and me, and how he rose from the dead so we could be free from the trials of this life and embrace the purpose he has for us. Jesus overcame; we, too, can overcome. He rose to new life; we, too, can have new life and purpose right now, today!

This is what makes me excited about Easter! Truly, there’s no other day like it!

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