Let’s face it, we’re all feeling stressed lately and certainly nothing feels normal! Is this our new normal? If so what do we do? Feeling out of control of what’s happening with this pandemic has left us all hanging. We can’t go to work, all activities are cancelled, kids are home, and we’re feeling cooped up for too long! There’s fear in the air and we wonder, What’s Next?

Stress affect us physically and emotionally. One of the ways I cope is with too many pantry runs. Anyone? As an emotional eater I’ve enjoyed a few too many handfuls of chips and dip and late night movies with a bowl of ice cream. 🎥 🍦Ugh. And my waistband is proof! 😔

What do you do when you’re stressed? Eat like me? Withdraw? Escape into social media or spending? Drink too much alcohol? Try to control more? One of my favorite things to do when I feel out of control is to organize closets and shelves. I feel a little like the mistress in The Hand that Rocks. 😱

It’s true that we can’t control what’s happening with COVID right now but we can control how we respond. We are in control of how we let it affect us. Let’s not let stress control of us. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Take a moment to reflect

On the past week. Become aware of what your go-to is when you’re stressed. Too many pantry runs? Alcohol? Control?

Ask yourself what you’re afraid of. Journal it. Talk about it. Sometimes all we need to do is write it or say it.

Remind yourself you’re going to be okay.

Now ask yourself how you can change it up?

I’ve been doing the FasterWay to Fat Loss program for a year. And have completely fallen off the wagon! But it’s time to recommit. I am in control of my meal planning. So today I’ll relish in being in control of that in a positive way and plan meals for the week-including my snacks-to get back on track.

What’s Next?

Realizing what you’re in control of. Realizing you can change things up! What do you need to change? Go for walks? Journal your thoughts and feelings? Maybe hop on a coaching call with me or sign up for my webinar this week to get some good tools to navigate through this crazy time (announcement coming this afternoon!).

What’s Next? We don’t have control over the virus but we do have control over our bodies and how we respond.

You’ve got this!

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