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Updated: May 12, 2019

Boxed water is healthier for our environment…

I don’t normally talk about this topic but I felt a sense of urgency to share.

I love that we’re becoming aware of the overuse of plastic in our environment. According to National Geographic, a whopping 79% of plastic ends up in our landfills. Yikes! Their belief is that much of that 79% ends up in the “final sink,” the ocean.

Oceancrusaders estimate that 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are in our oceans. (Are you kidding me? I thought when I took it to be recycled it was RECYCLED!) Every year approximately 100,000 sea creatures die from plastic entanglement, and these are just the ones found.

It takes 10-1000 years for one piece of plastic to break up-not break down. This microplastic looks and smells like food to dolphins, seagulls, turtles and whales. It looks like a shiny fish floating in the water and our sea creature ingest it where it can tear up their insides and clog their ability to move waste through.

Worldwide, shoppers use approximately 500 billion single use plastic bags every year. That’s a million bags every minute! If you tied them end to end they’d circle the globe 42,000 times! That’s crazy to think about!

Last year, I wept as I watched a video of plastic bottles and bags tumble out of a dead whale that had washed ashore. It caused me pause.

I began paying attention to how many things are packaged in plastic-from the case on my new iphone, to the bottle I drink out of (and will one day toss), to the facial products I just picked up at Costco-you know, that packaging you pry and pull at, praying you don’t rip your hand wide open and have to rush to the ER to stop the bleeding?

Almost everything we use or buy is packaged in plastic, from your newest iphone to the pens we write with.

Would you take a moment to pause? I don’t normally write blogs about the environment but this is so important! I remember when we toured the harbor in NY city. The majestic Statue of Liberty stood proudly on one side of our ferry while boats stacked high with garbage going out to sea floated by on the other side. Were they dumping that all in the ocean, I wondered?

What will you do to help?

  • Take reusable bags to the grocery store? This may seem small but we can all do this!

  • Take a stand on not buying plastic products or products packaged in plastic? Or at least buy your produce individually as opposed to one in a plastic bag.

  • You can also help by using our civic power to demand corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Proctor and Gamble to stop using plastic and take responsibility for cleaning up the problem.

Jot a note below and commit to just one thing you’ll do. We’re not looking for perfection here, just progress toward solving a very big problem.

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