Goodbye Past...Hello Purpose

A book with a plan for getting to happiness? Yes! My book Goodbye Past…Hello Purpose is in the works! But it probably won't be out for another year. Trust me, it's worth the wait!

Let's face it, life is full of trials! The first one is birth. After all, we squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, out from a cozy 98.6 degree environment, like a balmy Florida summer day, to a cold brightly lit room, scrubbed and placed on a cold scale to be weighed, flailing around. Whew! No wonder we need to cry when we’re finally out!

See, our trials shape what we believe about ourselves, others and the world. If we're not careful and don't have wise people speaking truth into us, we can fall into the pit of misery and despair for the rest of our lives, swimming in the poisonous lies we believed, that will disable and eventually kill us. And the weird thing is . . . it’s not even in our awareness.

My parent’s divorce when I was ten broke my family, my faith and my heart. The following 8 years were full of court battles, arguments, and a lot of tears. I was mad at my parents, at God and just mad at life. In fact, I used to lie in bed and think, if I got really sick, and even died, then my parents would be sorry: my dad would come see me, he’d pay child support so I didn’t have to hear what a burden I was; my mom would love me; and my step dad would stop yelling!

My stepfather was abusive my brother, my mom and me in every way imaginable! At night I’d call out to God through my tears, please make all of this stop! Little did I know that He had a plan for my life even back then. During my middle school years I’d wake up in the morning with puffy eyes from crying myself to sleep the night before. I’d stroke on mascara to hide my swollen eyes only to have mascaraed lashes hit my eyelids. Dang! I’ve spent my life chasing after family members, including my mom, that weren’t interested in having a healthy relationship. I’ve spent decades swimming in the poisonous pit with them, desperately thinking I could change them, only to realize I was the only one hurting.

But one day I realized it’s time for me to stop jumping in the pit. It’s not fair to my children and my husband. I realized I couldn’t do this by myself anymore, and no therapy was going to heal this hole in my soul. That’s when amazing things started happening in my life. I had to let go of control to get control back in my life. Crazy, right? I know.

Listen, if you’re in the pit of despair wondering how you’ll ever get out I’m her to toss a ladder down into your pit. All you have to do is be willing to make the climb out. Will you start? Will you take a hold and put your foot on the first rung?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s not easy. Only those that are strong will find their way out. But here’s the deal…you are stronger than you think! And if you set your mind to it you too, can be free of all the junk in your past!

Do you want that? Do you long for days of joy, smiles and giggles? Do you long to be surrounded by people who love you and speak truth about the amazing you God made you to be?

Then let’s get started! Read my blogs, find me on FaceBook and Instagram. Start implementing the challenges I pose to you and begin your journey out.

I remember when I was deep in my pit, drowning in my tears and suffocating in Kleenex my therapist said to me, “I can’t wait for you to feel the sunshine on your shoulders again.” Hope. He spoke hope into me.

Can I do the same for you? You can feel the sunshine once again! You deserve to be free of all that hurt. Don’t believe the lies. You deserve to be happy and find true joy in your life.

God will turn the bad to good,

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