GETTING Those Gifts!

It's just a few days before Christmas! You're making a list, checking it twice, gettin' those gifts for naughty and nice.

Christmastime is a season of many challenges. And one of them is gift giving. So I have a question for you...are you a getter or a giver?

I once was a getter, and at times still find myself going back there. I'll say, "Gotta get my husband something, gotta get my friend a gift. What should we get the kids?" Is this you?

So, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off shopping I'd go!

Many years ago, when my kids were still young, it was all about commercialism and quantity: what's the newest, what's the best, how many, and how big! My goal was to get them the best gift on the block. We filled underneath the tree to overflowing! And I loved it! However, looking back, I now realize it somehow filled up what was empty inside of replaced the empty spots under the tree where I wished gifts sat from extended family that we no longer connected with.

When my son was about ten I heard someone say, 'Instead of getting gifts, think about giving gifts."

Hmmm. I thought that was insightful. And it changed my focus. Instead of being fixated on how much or how many I could get, I began to be more thoughtful about what I wanted to give. It changed the quantity I gave, and I found myself thinking about the meaning of giving. It no longer seemed as important to buy the best gift in the neighborhood.

So what if you changed your focus? How could this affect your family? You're kids? Grandkids?

A couple of Christmases we adopted the idea of giving three gifts only in our immediate family: one for the BODY (like PJs or body wash), one for the MIND (a puzzle, a book, something the stimulates the mind), and one for the SPIRIT (a fun activity or game, a Bible or plaque with encouraging words).

In this day and age of plenty, think about gifting your mother-in-law (who really doesn't want one more gadget), a lamb for an African family so they can feed their family. Then write her a note about the things you love about her. Or give the gift of time-take a loved one to lunch or on a trip, take them bowling. I guarantee quality time will be a gift they'll never forget!

TAKE AWAY: Changing the way you think about gifting will allow you to experience Christmas in a whole new way!

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