Friending Yourself

Did you know a yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and optimism?

We are often so friendly and optimistic with others, but fail to be friendly to ourselves.  

One piece of Recovering the Truth means reconnecting with yourself. It mean looking yourself in the mirror and saying, “I love you!” no matter your flaws! It means fully grieving the past so you can let it go. It means talking kindly to yourself, like you do your best friend, it means quit beating yourself up for not being perfect, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough. It means reclaiming that optimism for yourself and your life.

On the heels of a difficult trial, I recently heard myself say, ‘I can’t wait til this life is over,’ meaning I can’t wait for’ll be amazing! And I can’t wait to not feel the pain I feel on this earth. But is that right? Wishing the time away? Not fully embracing this life my creator gave me?

We’ll always have pain. That’s part of living.

A friend standing nearby, heard me and replied, “You mean you can’t wait for this trial to be over.” Yes, actually. That’s what I meant.

This life for me has been full of trials and perhaps for you, too.

But here’s the truth: this life, in general, has a lot of pretty bright spots! I am blessed beyond measure! Really! I sometimes can’t get over how good God has been to me-the people he’s put in my life, the husband he gave me who adores me and provides a wonderful life for me, the healthy loving kids i have, this beautiful land that surrounds us in our home, the joy that fills my heart.

If it weren’t for our creator plucking me out of that miserable Pit, healing me, my heart, and my mind, I wouldn‘t have recovered the truth about who I truly am...and I wouldn’t have discovered my purpose which is to friend you, walk alongside you, give you hope for your life, help you let go of your past and find the purpose that ignites your joy!

That’s the truth!

Recovering the Truth means moving out of the pit of the past and getting to that place where the past doesn't feel like an enemy. Where you can find a loving friendship with yourself and accept all your flaws. It means allowing God to find the good stuff in tough stuff, It means seeking to be better every day. It means finding optimism in life and the beautiful purpose that will come from it.

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