Forgiveness in the workplace

Does forgiveness belong in the workplace?

When i was 24 years old, I landed my first REAL job as a traveling sales representative for a bridal designer. Do you remember your first real job? 

I wore the power suite, flaunted the company credit card and picked out my brand new 1987 Chrysler La Baron, metallic burgundy, as my company car. I thought i’d died and gone to heaven! I was on my way to becoming a successful business woman...or so i thought!

I traveled a 7-state area in 3 months, all across the midwest with a $35/night budget for hotels, ½ step up from the roach motels!

1987--we didn’t have cell phones or GPS, just paper maps. When i asked my boss, “How do i find a hotel?” he replied, “Just stop along the interstate somewhere. There are plenty.”

This particular night i was coming into Indianapolis. It was dusk and i needed to stop.

I felt a bit anxious, being a 24 y/o woman alone, in a large city. I’d just completed the Rape/Spouse Abuse Crisis Center Training a couple of years before so was hyper aware of the “bad” stuff that could happen to me. Know what i mean? 

I pulled off the interstate and there in front of me was a beautiful Hyatt. $65/night. They had one room left. I took it and decided to stay in roach motels the rest of the week to balance my budget of $35/night. Mission accomplished. 

Two weeks later i got a call from the owner, “Who do you think you are paying $65/night for a hotel?”

I told him my story. 

“Don’t you ever do that again!” he snarled.

I’ve never forgotten that. And it colored every interaction i had with him, my boss and how i felt about the company. 

Forgiveness is an important part of a business. It doesn’t mean letting important things slide-the owner was certainly right to discuss this with me (hindsite, i should have talked with him about it). 

The point is, caring more about your employees than you do about sticking rigidly to rules makes a huge difference in your retention and motivation of your staff. They’re people, too, with needs and feelings. Most employees want to do a good job for their employers. So it’s important to acknowledge the integrity of your staff.

Have you ever felt like your employer only cares about the bottom line and rules? Have you lost your passions for your work because of a lack of forgiveness and grace in the workplace?

My reason for staying at the Hyatt was sound. My dedication to staying in cheaper hotels for the rest of the week was commendable, but I only received criticism. 

Forgiveness in the workplace fosters an environment of humility, honesty and compassion. 

Forgiveness in the workplace encourages creativity, reduces animosity, and restores productivity.

Forgiveness in the workplace will increase employee retention and create passion and excitement for workers. 

What are effective ways you can be more forgiving at work?

If you need help finding forgiveness in the workplace… schedule a free 1 on 1 consultation today!

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