Designed Purpose

It’s daunting. Maybe exciting! You may chase it for years, decades or your entire life. And when you find it, it ignites passion like you never imagined! 

This is your Designed Purpose! The gifts and talents your creator gave you.

Now, I know statistics tell us that 50-80% of you would rather die than give a presentation.

That’s okay! It just means is it’s not your gift. But you have gifts unique to only you. What are your gifts?

I believe i came out of the womb in search of a microphone. I began on stage when I was three, tap dancing away in a little elf costume: a green felt banner wrapped around my waist with bells on each point and a green hat. Can you see it?

In high school I took trophies at speech competitions and spoke to the State Senate to lobby against a bill that wanted to raise the driving age.

I've landed lead roles in summer musicals as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Miss Hannigan in Annie, and Mme Thenardier in Les Miserables

I don’t say this to brag! Only to say that being in front of a crowd is fun for me and i believe it’s my god-given purpose.  Sure, I still get a bit nervous, but it's not like I'd rather die.

What are your strengths? What are you good at? What gives you energy? Leading? Teaching? Working? Serving?

About a year and a half ago i awoke on a very cold January winter morning to this inaudible voice, “You need to get speaking.”

“I know,” I responded in my head as i flung back the covers and planted my feet on the floor. “I just don’t know what about.” I thought i was off the hook.

“Forgiveness,” this voice said again.

Forgiveness? Who wants to hear about forgiveness, I thought? Evidently, lots of people! But it's only one part of letting go of the past and reclaiming joy in your life. There are three more equally important pieces: Uncovering the truth about who you are, and Recovering Purpose to ignite joy!

So here i am, using the gifts our creator gave me: speaking, writing, and coaching.

What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? Jot those things down. What are you doing to fulfill your god-given gifts and talents?

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