Bitter-Sweet Forgiveness

The trials of the past can be a bitter experience but forgiveness results in freedom and sweet surprises! 

Just today i was angry at a veterinarian who wouldn’t tell me the antibiotic dose for my furry little cock-a-poo who’d been bitten by a tick. I don’t believe in all the vaccines they give our sweet four-legged pals and do mostly naturopathic medicine. So i wasn’t going to take her in. I had the antibiotic on hand; I just needed to know a safe dose. 

The nurse replied, “She can’t give you that information because that would be like prescribing.” 

I disagreed and told her of my disappointment, hung up the phone, then went on a rant in my head for a day. 

Have you ever done that? You try to be polite but feel offended? Then you ruminate over the conflict for a day, month or longer? Talk about a bitter experience! 

This morning, i sat down with myself and looked at the situation. After some reflection, I was able to see her point of view. I didn’t agree with it, but i could at least understand it. I was able to let it go and get on with my day without that noisy rant in the background.

 Life is so much sweeter when we can change our perspective and forgive even when we don’t agree. I sometimes just sing the line, Let it go! Let it go! It reminds me of the important stuff.

Do you have a rant going on in your head that’s been there for a day, a year, longer? Sit down with yourself and look at the experience from the other person’s point of view. It can be a challenge but it can shed light in a way you hadn’t thought of.

Let it go! Sing if you need to! And get on with your life without the rant in your head so you can focus on the really important stuff...your purpose!

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