Debbie Kaminski


Debbie Kaminski is a national presenter, author and coach.  She's a mom, wife, friend, personal growth junkie, and a daughter of the One True King. She developed Goodbye Past, Hello Purpose to help women overcome the negative beliefs that keep them stuck and unhappy in life. Her three step program, Ignite Joy, takes you on a journey that allows you to say goodbye to the lies and hello to your purpose. She is passionate about helping you live the life you've always dreamed of by discovering your purpose.


From trials to triumph!

Debbie's parent's divorce at the age of ten broke her family, faith, and her heart. The next seven years were full of court battles, arguments, and abuse of every kind. The events of those years left her feeling disconnected from God, self, and others; feeling unloved and insignificant. At the age of 30, Debbie spoke one more time to her mother about the abuse of her step-father. He mother called her a liar and spoke many untruths into her. This sent Debbie into the darkest decade of her life. 


To help her understand all of this craziness she dug deep into psychology and personal growth. Debbie pursued a master's degree in psychology and sought out every kind of therapy imaginable to help get out of the pit of depression and despair. She made great headway. But the messages from her past, and  the separation from God kept her stuck in lies and  old thought patterns.  A determined and persistent spirit, Debbie turned to the only other remaining source that she walked away from in her youth...her faith.  It was then that she found the truth. And now Debbie Kaminski helps thousands find joy and success personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually by overcoming the lies from their past. 


Debbie obtained her MA in 1993 from the Center for Humanistic Studies, Detroit, MI.  In 1985, she earned her BA from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE, with a double major in Psychology and Interpersonal Communication.  Debbie has been counseling, leading seminars and writing for almost four decades. 

She has developed and lead more than 300 seminars nationwide on matters of personal growth and business including Communication Skills, Management Conflict Resolution, and Executive Presentation Skills. She's developed seminars for AT&T, MCI, Sears, and Travel Programs.

As an instructor for Communispond, Inc., she was touted as amongst the top 10% of speakers in the nation! Debbie has worked with all levels of groups and individuals from women's ministry to Fortune 500 executives including GM, Ford, Chrysler, GE, and 3M.



When it comes to fulfilling our God-given purpose, most people fall short because they're hostage to the lies of the past: events like abuse, abandonment, job challenges and relationship difficulties lay down lies that we internalize about who we are and the limits of our potential. These lies are often far from the truth about us.

You'll laugh and cry together as Debbie inspires and motivates audiences, sharing her story and teaching people to never passively accept life as its handed to them! Her time-tested tools will catapult your people forward in a way never imagined! 

This proven seven-step process leads people to triumph over the stuff that keeps them stuck. Participants will activate steps to:

  • Uncover lies from the past 

  • Discover the truth about who they are and why they're here

  • Forgive those that have hurt and betrayed them

  • Discover their God-given purpose and return to joy

  • To triumph over the trials of the past

When you help people identify and overcome the lies from their past, you transform them personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually.

 Let’s journey together, kick those old, familiar ways to the curb, and replace them with newly defined purpose!


Sunshine feeds Debbie's soul like frosting completes a cupcake, and a cupcake sandwich is the only way she'll eat them! Debbie cherishes time with her family enjoying some healthy competition with cards, board games or foosball.  Debbie's biggest fan is her adoring husband of 31 years. She and Jeff, have two grown children. And who could forget her favorite furry, four-legged friend, Alli, her cock-a-poo. Debbie leads a full life! When she’s not busy launching her new career, provides one-on-one coaching, leads Bible studies and the marriage ministry in her community,  or prepares as a vocalist for worship team. You'll also find her singing along to her favorite 70's and Christian tunes, attending seminars, meeting friends for coffee, shopping, decorating, writing or taking in the awe of nature. Beware! Debbie stops for animals in the road!


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