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Do You Feel Like You Should Be Happier, But The Stresses Of Life Just Weigh You Down? Stress At Work And At Home?

Do You Wish You Could Wake Up Every Day Feeling Joy and Hope?


You can!  And It's Easier Than You Think.

I Help Intelligent, Motivated Men & Women Just Like You Improve Productivity And Focus By Providing Easy-to- Implement Strategies So You Can De-Stress Your Life!

                                Has fear gripped you in this Covid crisis?
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If This Is My New Normal,

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Debbie condensed decades of knowledge into easy to understand learning bites. Her relevant and memorable illustrations literally helped me reduce my stress! I highly recommend grabbing a seat for Debbie’s podcast!

                   -Janeen V

Debbie's podcasts are inspirational and practical. Her voice is pleasant and she shares from her heart. Her message communicates her life experiences and the hard work she's put into her profession which reflects what a genuine and caring person she is! Thanks for sharing!


               Health & Wellness Coach



1. Uncover Limiting Beliefs 

Identify the negative beliefs that keep 

you stuck and unfulfilled in your marriage, relationships and work

2. Recover the Truth

Recover the truth about yourself, others and the world in a way you never imagined!

3. Discover Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? Come on this journey with me to identify Purpose!

You'll say good-bye past, hello purpose and ignite joy in the life you deserve to have!

Sheri M.

Education Professional

"Debbie is bright, energetic, insightful, and honest. She encourages you to trust in God and the process.   She truly has the ability to meet you where you are and walks alongside you as you become the person God has created you to be!  My time with her has been engaging, difficult, and so rewarding!  


Dave Cornell 

Published Author | Speaker | Coach

"Debbie has  a passion for helping people step away from an enslaved past into a future filled with hope and expectation."

Ruth L.

Elderly Caregiver

"Debbie uses humor and insight from her own life experiences to communicate her message. She's comfortable speaking to both large and intimate audiences. Her expertise reaches individuals of all stages of life."



Superior Guidance

Authentic Truth

You'll laugh and cry together as Debbie inspires and motivates listeners through dynamic keynotes. Her three part process helps audiences uncover what keeps them stuck and unhappy professionally and personally. She motivates you through practical and easy to implement strategies that Ignite Joy in your life! Your audience is sure to come away with new-found perspective to help them de-stress, find focus and purpose at home and work so they can live the life they deserve. 

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Tailored and Dedicated to Your Goals

Debbie delivers rich, customized content that motivates and inspires motivated intelligent men and women to let go of unproductive thoughts and habits and  transform their lives.  Nationally, thousands of people from Fortune 500 organizations to individuals have benefitted from Debbie's life changing strategies. Her positive energy and comfort with groups of all sizes puts people at ease as they  uncover what keeps them stuck and discover joy and purpose. Learn to succeed personally and  professionally! 



Practical Steps Supportive Setting

Prefer 1 on 1 time? 

FaceTime, phone-time, face-to-face time, personal or professional growth, Debbie has coached and counseled thousands of clients over four decades. She's lead them to more success personally and professionally. Debbie helps you untangle what's not working, kick it to the curb, and replace it with newly defined purpose! Prepare to be transformed in ways you've never imagined!


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M.A., Clinical and Humanistic Psychology

Debbie Kaminski has always been fascinated by what motivates people to do what they do.

In pursuit of answers to her challenging childhood, she dug deep into psychology. She's been speaking, writing and counseling for almost four decades. Her experience as a National Speaker, #1 International Best Selling Author, Coach and Podcast Host  gives her an unprecedented edge when it comes to leading groups and individuals to find their purpose.

Debbie has developed and lead more than 300 seminars nationwide. 

She's been touted as amongst the top 10% of speakers in the nation! Debbie has worked with groups and individuals from stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 executives, including Ford, GM, Chrysler and 3-M.

Your life will never be the same! Her inspiring message and 25 years in private practice along with decades of leading workshops and individuals to get the life they dream of will inspire and motivate your audiences. 

That's why she founded... 

Goodbye Past... Hello Purpose

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